Leisure and culture

Gotlanders have a tradition of joining together in pursuit of common interests.

There are many small associations rather than a small number of large ones. With over 900 registered associations, Gotland has the highest concentration of associations in the nation.

Gotland´s extensive arts scene draws on the island´s rich cultural heritage. Appreciating the importance of culture for social development and individual wellbeing, Region Gotland supports clubs and associations, as well as many local cultural activities.

Both professional and non-profit cultural workers are assisting in this venture.

The public Culture School offers many different activities for both children and adults.

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Region Gotland
Visiting address: Visborgsallén 19, Visby
Email regiongotland@gotland.se
Phone number: +46 498 26 90 00

Region Gotland’s operations are reached via a joint telephone number. When you call us, you will reach our automated phone service. To get information in english or to talk to an operator, dial 9.

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Visborgsallén 19
621 81 Visby
Tel: 0498-26 90 00

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